Working Papers and New Research

Effects of Accounting Conservatism on Investment Efficiency and Innovation              (with Volker Laux)

Team Incentives under Private Contracting
(with Maris Goldmanis)

Until Death Do Us Part? The Marriage Model with Divorce
(with Maris Goldmanis)

Optimal Performance Targets
(with Keri Hu and Yiwen Li)

Smart Cities, Dumb Infrastructure: Policy-Induced Competition in Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Systems
(with Brent Skorup)

Published Papers

Online Outsourcing and The Future of Work                                                                      (with Tessa Thomas, Journal of Global Responsibility, August 2019)

An Efficient Revenue Distribution Method in a Cyber-Enabled Manufacturing System       (with Jyhwen Wang, Tao Zhao, V. Jorge Leon, and I-Hong Hou, Manufacturing Letters, August 2018)

A Non-Monetary Mechanism for Optimal Rate Control Through Efficient Cost Allocation  (with Tao Zhao and I-Hong Hu, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, June 2018)

Driverless Roads                                                                                                              (National Affairs, Winter 2019)

An Information-Based Model for the Differential Treatment of Gains and Losses       (with Venky Nagar and Madhav V. Rajan, Review of Accounting Studies, January 2018)

Artificial Intelligence and Value Investing                                                                          (Journal of Investing, Spring 2018)

One Size Fits All? Cost and Benefits of Uniform Accounting Standards
(Journal of International Accounting Research, Spring 2018)

A Theoretical Framework for Evaluating Debtor-in-Possession Financing                      (with Sandeep Dahiya, Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal, 2017)

Balancing Difficulty of Performance Targets: Theory and Evidence
(with Michal Matějka, Review of Accounting Studies, September 2017)

A Non-Monetary Mechanism for Optimal Rate Control Through Efficient Delay Allocation                                                                                                                          (with Tao Zhao and I-Hong Hou, 2017 15th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt2017), Paris, France, May 2017)

Performance Monitoring by Managerial Teams
(with Pierre Jinghong Liang and Madhav Rajan, Journal of Centrum Cathedra:
The Business and Economics Research Journal
, 2016)

Reconciling Full-Cost and Marginal-Cost Pricing
(with Jacob Gramlich, Journal of Management Accounting Research, Spring 2016)

Risk and Volatility: A Differential View
(Journal of Investing, Winter 2016)

Sorting Effects of Performance Pay
(with Maris Goldmanis, Management Science, February 2015)
Online Appendix

Staged Investments in Entrepreneurial Financing
(with Sandeep Dahiya, Journal of Corporate Finance, July 2012)

Efficient Cost Allocation
(with Maris Goldmanis, Management Science, May 2012)

Do Accounting Measurements Matter?                                                                               (Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy, 2010)

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Cuba’s Fifty Years of Failed Socialism
(Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Summer/Fall 2009)

Optimal Team Size and Monitoring in Organizations
(with Pierre Jinghong Liang and Madhav V. Rajan, The Accounting Review, May 2008)

Performance Evaluations and Efficient Sorting
(Journal of Accounting Research, September 2007)

The Retention Effect of Withholding Performance Information
(The Accounting Review, March 2007)